Basic Fire Safety

Welcome to Fire Safety Training

By the end of this training you should have the confidence to deal with a real life fire situation in a calm and controlled manner.

Lesson Objectives

By  the end of the lesson we should be able to:

  • Understand fire safety Legislations
  • Define fire
  • State the elements of fire
  • State the causes and classes of fire
  • Recognize the extinguisher colour coding scheme
  • Operate fire fighting equipments
  • Recognize extinguisher suitability for individual risks
  • Recognize the hazards associated with each extinguisher
  • Ensure proper evacuation, fire safety in the event of an emergency until back up arrives.
  • Understand the dangers of smoke and how maneuver in a smoke filled room.
  • Understand what you should do after a fire has been extinguished

The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2007

Section 81 (1) In every work place or workroom there shall be:

(a) Provided and maintained and conspicuously displayed and free from any obstruction so as to be readily accessible, means  for extinguishing fire, which shall be adequate and suitable having regard to the circumstances of each case : and

(b) Present, persons trained in the correct use of such means of extinguishing fire during all working hours.

(2) Every work place shall be provided with adequate means of escape, in case of fire, for the persons  employed therein, having regards to the circumstances of each case.

(3) All the means of escape referred to in subsection (2) shall be properly maintained and kept free from obstruction.

Fire Risk Reduction Rules Legal Notice No.59, 2007

  • These rules were made by the Minister for Labour in exercise of powers conferred to him under section 55 of the Factories and other places of work Act. These rules are known as subsidiary legislation and they are legally binding just as any other legal requirements of the Act.

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