First Aid at Work (Occupational)

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About this course

Welcome to this course in First Aid at Work. It will enable you gain relevant skills in first aid for responding to different emergencies that occur at the work place or even at home. Emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone therefore we need to be equipped with first aid skills so as to save a life, enhance recovery and ensure human dignity.

 Course Objectives

At the end of this part of the course, having passed the assessment, you will be competent in the skills needed to:

  1. Manage an Incident in which people are ill or have been injured
  2. Take care of them until medical help is available.
Course Schedule (duration of course)

Not exceeding 30 days from starting date

Instructional materials and equipment

Audio-visuals and notes related to the course objectives via computers and tablets.

 Course evaluation

Question & Answer Forum (response time on opening topics, response time on answering questions)

Course texts

St John Ambulance First Aid Manual.