Emergency Aid/Refresher First Aid

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This is intermediate first aid course.


About this course

Welcome to this course in emergency first aid. It will enable you gain relevant skills in first aid for responding to different emergencies that occur in our day to day lives. Emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone therefore we need to be equipped with first aid skills so as to save a life, enhance recovery and ensure human dignity.

Course Objectives
    • Define first aid, a first aider and a casualty.
    • Understand the aims of first aid and the use of personal protective equipment.
    • Understand the responsibilities of a first aider.
  1. Understand different problems encountered during incident management and how to handle them.
  2. Understand the action procedure during incident management.
  3. Perform primary survey, secondary survey and make an emergency call.
  4. Manage unconscious breathing and unconscious non breathing casualty
  5. Understand different  types of Dressings and bandages and their use
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Emergency Aid/Refresher First Aid